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Astro Messenger Reviews

Nice Interface but I encountered Stability Issues

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I used Astro Messenger for many months when I first got my mac. The user interface is clean and intuitive, and the program responded quickly. For what it set out to accomplish, it did it well.

Unfortunately I had issues with the stability of the application for many months after the new OS X came out. The OS changed some security settings with how the app worked, and the app didn't work well for me on a fresh install of the latest OS X at the time. I had to wait months for a patch to come out to fix the issue, and when the patch came out mentioning it would address the symptoms I was experiencing, it still didn't address the issue in my case and after a few more days of waiting I decided to look at other options. I ended up getting 'Go for FaceBook' which has the same messaging functionality in addition to a mobile version of FaceBook available in the same app.

In summary I like the Astro Messenger app, but after the long delay (in my opinion) of the issues of it running on the newer OS version, I wasn't happy with it and haven't used it since switching away.