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Was great while it lasted, but it will now soon be shut down because of the Yahoo takeover.

As with Google Reader, this forced me to switch but I got better software in the process (Feedly).

In case of Astrid, Doit.im is closest alternative, and so much better too. Came a long way since first trying it out a couple of years ago. Better webapp, mobile app, scheduling, planning, contexts, sync, everything just works the way it's supposed to (unlike Astrid).

Still missing the dynamic setting for recurring tasks but I got so much more in return.


Great to-do list app

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I really love Astrid! It's a great app that has nice widgets, multiplatform sync and social media integration. It's awesome!!

Update January 2013: Still think it's one of the best to-do list apps out there, but I've made the shift to the much simpler and in my opinion more powerful Small WorkFlowy iconWorkFlowy.