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because it awesome u kill everyone and get stuff and get DINOSOARS wich R AWESOME


I brought it... yeah....

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The in-game videos and the official trailer interested me... We'll I knew it's name for a long time... But after seeing it on the PSN store as a pre-release I couldn't let it go ^^"

It's a game like we see a lot since the Minecraft bang if I could say... I don't really like this kind of games but Ark is nice, we can say that's Minecraft with dinosaurs, a lot of things to collect using the attack function, then bar handed at the start.

Like No man's sky to quote one that's similar, we need a little adaptation time, but less than this one.

The main issue I have is the players... It's nice to create a Tribe, and make an alliance with others tribes, but some idiots build walls around a spawn point sometimes, then impossible to destroy because at start the inventory is empty like after a death... Well it's possible to build storage boxes and save importants items, create items to tame a dinosaurs and use them has a mount, use a campfire to cook raw meat, etc... There's a lot of interesting features while the game is in a beta stage, you'll be first lost in all the parameters, then in the server list, and in game lost in the map... But playing locally with a friend on the same PS4 is nice if he know what to do.

I played 4 hours I think, I died 10 times at last, it can be hard sometimes, and changed server a lot because of the players buildings all over the map that let no space to build... But it didn't deceive me too much, UE4 is as beautiful as possible at the moment, but lots of lag online because we have 70 players max that can build on all the map, and over water like the boat... Really interesting :)

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