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Impressed with Ardour 5

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I am recently moving from Bitwig (say no more) and am looking for alternative software and i must say that i am impressed with Ardour 5. The payment system is very fair by allowing the user/s to pay what they think it is worth which is a good and honest model which is clearly working. Ardour is working seamlessly on linux and, after playing around with the demo, will definately be contributing to this project in the near future.


Not Freemium

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Author is just charging money for builds.

There's a link to the source code on the same page as the purchase link, it's not hard to compile.

And if you use Linux, it's in nearly every distro's official repo.


"It's not hard to compile."
On Linux, maybe. I wouldn't bother trying to compile on Windows though, as there's no real how-to guide or anything to go by and you have to manually get all the dependencies.

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Best Open Source Audio Recorder & Editing Software for Linux :-)