Best in its Class for saving public webpages

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If you are a webdeveloper you should know about this app. Because its important to save your work in the event the company you work for decides to change website you work on etc (saving portfolio)

Also, for saving webpages, its best in its class

Alternatives are like Small SingleFile iconSingleFile which works on the client side, but is not exactly 100% reliable though and is better for things behind login paywalls

Otherwise, is best in class for server-based downloading of webpages

Its also support by Small Reddit Enhancement Suite iconReddit Enhancement Suite as well, many times used to save someones deleted twitter, reddit, or facebook posts, etc

Is similar to app Small Wayback Machine iconWayback Machine

Also other pros: You can download entire zip file of a webpage too. Super useful if you want a non-online version of notes stored on your mobile phone, perhaps you have job interview and need to show portfolio but have no internet in some locations, etc. Useful for versioning control data as well too


Excellent webpage online archival system...and it's free ! ;)

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You can search for keywords inside their archives using this query into google :

A few facts :
According to google, has (probably) more than 1 Million webpages saved since 2012.
On feb 2015, total storage used is about 200 Tb. is funded by an individual who pays $2,000/month (jan 2014) to run it (no ads for now)!
Each webpage saved can't be bigger than 50 MB each.


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The web pages saved by users were profiled by Internet cookies, as a warranty for their privacy.

Some static web pages (only text and images) are sistematically censored and deleted. It Is hard top realize what l'indirizzo of policy Is implemented beyond It.

The website brakes down after 30-40 web pages consequently saved, so that you need to restart the Internet connection or the PCs.

Many times you will be redirected in Vietnam to ""

Servers seem to be distributed in more countries, but not always synchronized. One day you save a copy, and the following you can't find It in the search engine. The day after tomorrow It will appear again!


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Dead and will not load. I believe it's been down for some time.

It was good while it wasted. :(

reply seems to working just fine, three months later. I did notice a little hiccup in service a few weeks ago, but it appears to have been resolved as of today.

It's definitely down for me: :( As of Jan 17 2019.

Interesting...when I type in, it automatically redirects me to, and has been doing that for a while.

Also, this might shed some light on the problem:

Oh, really? Huh. I've had no redirects, actually. I tried .fo, too: Tried in Chrome and Firefox, plus Safari on iOS. That's crazy. Checking it here, , shows that some servers are working, while others show "Http Secure Channel Failure" and "TCP Connection Failed".


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Annoyed with they need a better and faster abuse reporting system, i have sent several abuse reports to but none of sites have been delete and some of them lead to p~rn, others are offensive sites.