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Archivarius 3000

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I’ve tested Archivarius 3000 and I must say it’s amazing!

Archivarius 3000 does exactly what I wanted: it indexes my text containing files and search their contents for a text string anywhere in the word.
That is: if I search for phleb I would get text files containing “postphlebitic”, “thrombophlebitic”, “phlebitis” etc.

Archivarius 3000 searches in .pdf, .epub, .mobi, .chm, doc, docx., txt etc.
To give you understanding how good Archivarius 3000 is I’ll give you this example:

I’ve indexed 2031 ebooks in .pdf format. Of course, indexing took a while.

Then I searched for phleb.

Archivarius finished search in 0.859 second and gave me 169 ebooks containing the string “phleb”.

It took 0.859 second to search through 2031 books!

Just imagine how long would non indexed search take in order to complete this task… Imagine that you have search many times...

Well this is the real power of indexed search. Spend some time building the index and then search in super fast speeds!

Here’s a screenshot of this search example in Arhivarius 3000:

Search example


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I use Archivarius 3000 for full-text searching in my ebook library and docs.

It understands word forms (morphology) of many languages. It can index and search in dozens of document types (from .txt, .docx to .djvu and very exotic types), and in archives (.zip, .rar and other).


  1. A bit annoying indexing process. You can schedule recurring indexing, but the application can't do it in background. You will see indexing window on Windows taskbar. And when Archivarius indexes, you CAN'T search.
  2. There have been cases where indexing profiles (index databases) have disappeared, and they had to be re-configured.
  3. Indexes may be very big (gigabytes), but it depends on settings (search accuracy).

P.S. For russians: It is the best full-text search tool for russian documents. I checked. Author is russian and replies to emails.