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Using this Linux distribution exclusively on my PC.
Yes, It has a learning spike when it comes to installation and configuration (requiring you to check the very well documented wiki pages) but after you are all set up it's a breeze. The system is fairly stable, very modular and Pacman is the absolute best package manager. Most popular software are available from the official repositories and the missing ones can be found on the AUR or unofficial repositories.
The OS is rolling release, so you are always getting the newest software on your PC in it's original state, as intended by the developer, a few days after it's release. This also means it will also support newer hardware and perform better on it because of newest kernels and drivers.
Overall, if you don't mind dropping into a terminal once in a while this one is a great choice.

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You can't beat Arch for a serious community. Maybe not the most fun-loving bunch. - In the middle of writing this my wife brought up Arch randomly, singing its praises. My beard literally exists because of it, I grew it out when I began my Arch journey.