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Such a great utility.
I've tried alternatives, but AquaSnap is the best in my opinion.
It is very intuitive and easy to master and it fits perfectly into the windows UI paradigm.
It's not trying to replicate a tiling window manager and the problems they bring with them. It also doesn't force you to create and select layouts.
Instead you have the familiarity and flexibility of a floating window manager with the power to arrange your windows to a tiling layout quickly and effortlessly on-the-fly whenver the need arises.
It also gets out of your way. You quickly forget that you have it installed. It makes handling of windows so natural.

At first I was put off by the name, because I thougt Windows 7+ already comes with "Aero"Snap. What is "Aqua"Snap gonna be much of an improvement?
I also thought I wanted a tiling WM like I was used to from Linux (i3).
No more. You gotta try it out and experience the power in this simplistic approach.


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Excellent...does what Windows should do natively.


Free Personal with limited functionality

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Its not free for multimonitor.


Great tool

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I have desktop with two screens. AquaSnap is a great tool for managing windows and has some really cool features which boosts your work.


Improved productivity

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I use Windows 7 with three monitors as my daily work computer. I love windows snap, but it's just too basic to be of use, and doesn't support multiple monitors.

I first came across AquaSnap a couple years ago - I used it windows xp machines at another job. I've recently rediscovered AquaSnap for work use at home and can say after trying many other similar applications such as DisplayFusion and MaxTo, AquaSnap is far superior. Whilst DiplayFusion does offer a lot more features that are great for multiple monitors, it's unfortunately buggy as hell. AquaSnap worked instantly for me and didn't have all the bugs that other applications did.

I'm really happy that AquaSnap is still being actively developed and I hope it continues to grow more popular - because it deserves to be.


AquaSnap is not free for multimonitor but has a cheap lifetime license ...

Looks promising but has problems on Win8

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Unfortunately, I can't get it reliably to work on Win8. I also would prefer to separate the screen into full vertical-lengh thirds and not sixth.


AquaSnap 1.7.0 is compatible with Windows 8.

This application is amazing

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Hahaha, I'm giggling as I configure this app. Amazing Amazing Amazing must have for any XP system, especially if you've been using windows 7 and are addicted to Aero window features. This thing completely eclypses AeroSnap. It's everything it is and thousands more.


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Did not seem to work in a number of ways, the least of which was with any monitor but the primary. Configuration tray icon seemed to crash often as well.

Features would be awesome if it worked.