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Needs more time

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I installed and tried to use Aptana Studio 3 as my main IDE for the better part of a day. Really, I did... But at the end of the day I gave up in frustration and uninstalled it. Here are my impressions from trying to use it:

  • It loads pretty fast for a big, fat Java-based IDE.
  • It's a memory hog (125+ MB of RAM).
  • It's not very polished (e.g., you can create a new Ruby project by cloning from Git, but not so with a PHP project).
  • Git integration is flaky at best.

I can live with the second and third points, but the last one was a deal breaker for me: no matter what I tried -- and I tried pretty much all the Stack Overflow suggestions -- I was not able to clone from a Git repository out of the box. If you do a search for "aptana git remote hung up" or "aptana cannot clone git" you will see that I'm not the only person having Git issues. I have both GitHub for Windows and Git for Windows installed, and both worked fine in the past, so it seems to me that the Git component installed with Aptana Studio is just poorly implemented. One Stack Overflow solution mentioned that the built-in Git integration doesn't work and you have to install EGit (an Eclipse plugin), but by this time I had already given up on Aptana Studio as a viable general purpose IDE.

You see, a developer spends most of their time coding, so an IDE has to fit them like a tailored glove. The developer has to feel as comfortable around an IDE as their best friend. Since Aptana Studio was starting to consume my day, and not in a good way, I finally came to the conclusion that a piece of software is not supposed to make the end user struggle this much. It just didn't feel right (the opposite of "love at first sight"), so my search for an IDE continues...


Excellent sync/upload tools

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Great for automatically uploading and syncing PHP sites. Does exactly what I wanted.
Takes a couple of hours to get used to but haven't come across a single problem.
Seems very powerful, yet simple if you don't need the advanced features.

Aptana takes a dump on Dreamweaver. Oh, and Aptana's free. Owned.