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Boosted my cellphone

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It needs a rooted Android phone, some patience, testing and searching on the Internet for various relevant information.
However, it may boost your phone significantly.

I have a rooted Motorola Moto-G 2nd Gen (2014) and lots of applications installed. Even when I had transfered all of the non-system apps into an external SD card, it became laggy and I had difficulties in updating them. It required constant cache cleaning and re-transfering for every 2-3 updates at a time.
Now, all non-system apps, libraries and part of saved data are saved into the external SD card. The device has a gained a significant speed, too.

Some of the main functions of Apps2SD is the partitioning of the external SD, the use of hard links (meaning that the device "thinks" that the external space is part of the internal) and the availability of memory swap (virtual memory, like pagefile of Windows). More secondary tools are available, like apps management, screen recording etc.

Also, there are two versions, a free with tons of ads and a premium.
For more information and help, you can check the official web-page, youtube and xda forums.