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This is a pretty well hidden feature of OSX: It's a VNC client shipped with the OS but not accessible from Spotlight or any shortcuts (AFAIK). To open it, you can either:

  • Open Safari and enter "vnc://" in the address field (replace the IP-address)
  • Open the app directly (from Finder or Terminal) from it's location at /System/Library/CoreServices/Screen Sharing.app
  • From Finder, press cmd+K (Connect to Server) and enter the vnc-address.

When you have the app open, you can pin it to the Dock as with any app.

Thanks to DavidTheExpert for this great tip :)


@gelefisk, What you are describing is not Apple Remote Desktop. You are describing Mac Screen Sharing. You can open Screen Sharing directly from Spotlight by typing "Screen Sharing".

Apple Remote Desktop is a paid application that you have to buy for $79.99. https://www.apple.com/remotedesktop/

Mac Screen Sharing link: https://support.apple.com/kb/PH25554