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Comparing Macrium Reflect Free Edition vs. AOMEI Backupper Free

Advantages of Macrium reflect Free Edition:

  • I can can start MR Free backups from the command line from System Scheduler
    AB Free is not able to make command line backups, only AB pro can be started from the commandline, see Edition Comparison
    The System Scheduler needs only 4.9 MB of the RAM, Macrium Reflect needs 69 MB, AB 38 MB. So it is better to have Macrium Reflect only in the RAM, when it runs. This is done by System Scheduler.
  • Macrium Reflect Free is the quickest Backup Software and is not slower than Macrium Reflect Pro. AB Free is slower than AB PRO.
  • Macrium Reflect Free needs only 27.4 MB space on the harddisk, AB needs 104 MB

Avantages of AOMEI Backupper over Macrium Reflect Free Edition
AOMEI Backupper is able to make file- or folder-backups (as Cobian backup can do), Macrium Reflect Free Edition can only make backups of complete partitions

Weak points of both Macrium Reflect Free Edition and AOMEI Backupper Free

  • Free versions cannot do automatical cleanup: but I only start one single bat-File to do the cleanup and to do the backup. So it is very easy to do a full-automated and very quick backup-prozess with Macrium Reflect free edition. For all backups on all my computers I use the same bat-File.
  • AOMEI 2.8 in June 2015 ist not able to create a bootable USB-Disk on newer UEFI/GPT Notebooks (Win7 or Win8). It's the same with Macrium Reflect Free Edition. But it is no big problem, because the portable open source software RUFUS is able to create a bootable USB-Disk on newer UEFI/GPT Notebooks.

So many reviews on backup programs! Thank you so much for all the time you took to write all these. It is really helpful for sure!

Version 4 does not include Universal Restore anymore

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Since Version 4 AOMEI Backupper does not include Universal Restore anymore which allowed you to restore to different hardware. You have to buy it now or use an older version prior to 4. Due to that being the only useful function this thing had (compared to others) I sadly have to downvote it now...

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A nice backup software! Besides backup and restore work, it can also clone partition or disk. What I like most is its incremental backup. It backs only the new added or changed files on your computer not the whole after you have made a full backup. Thus, you don't have to get a full backup every time. Much time and effort is saved! Anyway, I'm satisfied with its intuitive interface and easy operations.

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So easy to use and works like a charm!

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Unfortunately, for me AOMEI Backupper works incredibly slow...

Backups, regardless of full or incremental, literally take days to complete.

I have a relatively fast laptop (Lenovo ThinkPad, i7) with a 1 TB hard drive.

Using file backup mode, to backup approx. 500-or-so GB, to a 1 TB Toshiba USB 3.0 external HD.

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I use the Chinese free version of this software which seems to have more features than the English version. It sometimes causes the windows don't refresh pixels when using it, but a restart brings my PC to normal. Besides that, I have no complaint.

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it has Good UI, and supports Live CD, but only full backup supported

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Can't clone an external (USB) 500 GB HDD to an other external (USB) 500 GB HDD:
"Information Code:4140 The backup driver works improperly, you could restart the computer to solve the problem."


This is the only free cloning software with universal restore for Windows migration to dissimilar PC

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My organization had a migration project for 300+ old core2 PCs migrating to new i5 ones. For a same Windows version's conversion to dissimilar PCs, Aomei Backupper Standard is so generous to offer its free Universal-Restore solution (even unlimited use for commercial sectors) to do the complete task like a breeze and save otherwise TrueImage software expenditure of over US$15k in total. As experienced, though Aomei USB boot disk is most preferred as a faster option to start with, be reminded some legacy PCs do fail to boot with USB so an Aomei boot CD should then alternatively come into play. For the overwhelming majority success of 99% of cases, the only aftermath tasks to supplement after universal restore process are to reinstall some wiped device drivers and reactivate Windows OS and MS Office licenses. At the end, I found an 1% exception (i.e. totally 3 PCs) of all PCs in my project did fail to migrate because of their booting up to the blue system fault screen after universal restore, being a quite acceptably minor portion to handle differently. At rare times when all Aomei boot media failed on the PCs to be cloned, Live Cloning with the installed Aomei program can become the last resort to back up whole disk/partition(s) from a running C: Windows environment.


Not anymore since Version 4, sadly...

really good program

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if your anything like me you do alot of experimenting on your pc great way to learn but it can mess up windows if you download to many things and as you know if you do to much the good restore point disapears but if you use this program you can create a permanent restore point on your external hard drive and theres no guessing if you create a rstore point when you know windows is at its best settings for you highly recomend it


awesome software

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this software can protect my dada safely and i completely don't worry my computer may be crashed. besides, the easy to use interface helps I finish task fast. I have to say, that's awesome!!! great job!