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Works great

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I don't understand why there are someone claims that it contains virus. It just works for blocking inappropriate website or other unwanted content. I have tested it. It works very well. Whats' more, it offers 3 day free trial, which is enough for you to test it.

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Aobo filter is virusless and helpful. I test it myself and it helps me block inappropriate websites on my computer which may be visited by my young kid. BTW, I love the free trial version. LOL


Aobo Filter - Virus and scam site

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Aobo Filter is mislabeled and malicious.

The download/vist link goes to which is just a website iFrame'ing onto which is a known fraud site and hosts viruses. Upon download the software, "Aobo Keylogger", which was labeled as a Filter, upon performing a virus scan on I discovered four virus scanning companies declared this as a virus and 102 people said this was a harmful program..

Aobo filter for Windows is discontinued.
Currrently only Aobo filter for Macos available.
You should go to official site to download
the file you downloaded is from which is obviously not aobo filter from the file name.
Please remove the false alarm.