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Aobo Filter Reviews

Works great

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I don't understand why there are someone claims that it contains virus. It just works for blocking inappropriate website or other unwanted content. I have tested it. It works very well. Whats' more, it offers 3 day free trial, which is enough for you to test it.


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Aobo filter is virusless and helpful. I test it myself and it helps me block inappropriate websites on my computer which may be visited by my young kid. BTW, I love the free trial version. LOL


Aobo Filter - Virus and scam site

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Aobo Filter is mislabeled and malicious.

The download/vist link goes to http://www.remotespy.co/internet-filter.html which is just a website iFrame'ing onto http://aobo.cc/aobo-filter.html which is a known fraud site and hosts viruses. Upon download the software, "Aobo Keylogger", which was labeled as a Filter, upon performing a virus scan on VirusTotal.com I discovered four virus scanning companies declared this as a virus and 102 people said this was a harmful program..