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I prefer AnyClient instead of NetDrive for WebDAV

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I clearly prefer AnyClient instead of NetDrive to test the access to free WebDAV-storage-services (1)

AnyClient (2) has 2 very important advantages over NetDrive:
AnyClient is also commercial free not only free in private usage, and you can use it without admin rights as a portable exe-file e.g. on your DropBox-Subdirectory, on an USB-Stick or on a directory synced with TeamDrive portable(2).
Link (1) shows many onlineservices, free or not and actual or not, and many of them cannot be connected using WebDAV.
The biggest actually free WebDAV-Services accessible with TeamDrive portable (4) or AnyClient portable (3) you see on (2)

(1) http://tomuse.com/ultimate-review-list-of-best-free-online-storage-and-backup-application-services/

(2) https://docs.google.com/document/d/131eVyWHujqj6ObQ8aciuD1NMQHbUCcCXiCeEGebLO4c/edit?hl=de

(3) Small AnyClient iconAnyClient

(4) Small TeamDrive iconTeamDrive