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The Antsle One private cloud is an amazing tool that allows a hobbyist or professional to run test systems, development systems and even production systems for various utilities.

I purchased the lowest end Antsle for my hobby and I am extremely happy with the results.

Antsle Tech Support has been world class and they communicate timely.

Within days of learning how to use my Antsle effectively I was able to setup a OpenVPN server that on average uses less than 5 percent of my resources.

I also setup a node-red server on a ultra fast lxc server that screams!

Both servers together with a windows 10 desktop idling run below the 10% cpu utilization.

I am getting more out of my Antsle than I ever expected and I plan to take the plung and get a Antsle XD model for a little more power and for my profession use as a developer.

This personal cloud is so much more than just a server, it’s a feature rich appliance that has reverse proxy, virtual ports, compressed and redundant drives and much more.

Will it replace VMWare anytime soon? Not likely but the value for dollar exceeds expectations and I suspect we will start seeing Antsle at the desk-side of developers and small businesses.


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very easy to deploy but lacks full maturity of enterprise servers