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Lineage 14.01

  • registration is painless, but
  • unable to manually change password
  • unable to mark toxme account directly as private as it only allows non-email-looking account
  • i was constantly bothered by unknown account inapp and there is no block option
  • constantly looses network, when in wlan-only mode + phone is in aggressive battery economy.
  • no clear+directly visible indication if you are connected to network
  • no "hidden" mode
  • messaging works if connected
  • audiocall works
  • sending picture works
  • calling camera to make and send picture crashes app
  • videocall has issues with sound, picture mapping and often bitrate and is not usable
  • no group support
  • no way to clearly see and limit app on bandwith and cpu time, as its p2p and this is very important for phones

overall, this is rather unfinished, raw application. there are no better tox clients for android now tmn, sadly.

the comment about permissions from other member is really not applicable, every such im needs permissions to function.


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The apps will not start until you agree to let the files, camera and microphone android permission to the apps... BAD ! (version : 0.25.515)