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Doesn't work on AMD-Phenom processors. Cannot be installed at all.

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Subject to Version 6.0+
Great Function and Open Source
Cons Stability
This software is designed for a quick way for developers to test and try out certain aspect of the android environment. It is easy to deploy in a virtual machine.
Note Recently, when trying to deploy it in a clean machine as a clean os, it is unable to load and set into grub booter

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Reference 7/23/2018-30603-22895

the reason why this emulator is bad

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Unfortunately this emulator is hard to configure, first of all to it requires Virtualization Software such as Virtualbox to run, and its installation are hassle

moreover, the speed is very slow which tooks even more than 60 seconds to boot up entirely, and 5 seconds delay of every operation such as opening apps, etc. so this emulator is NOT RECOMMENDED especially if you want to play games or something.


Tho I must address this software is designed for development and testing purposes.