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Good for smaller, more conservative teams

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amoCRM has a really nice feel to it, and is easy to learn/navigate. We have incorporateed it into the inner-workings of some teams, so that thay can exchange tasks more easily. We are using an enterprise-level solution for the whole company, but smaller and more simplistic CMR systems are a welcome addition to some departments.

However, this solution is mostly suited for teams that do things in a most conservative ways (from dev's perspective), are smaller, and do not have complex working mechanics. For instance, it is not possible to assign a task to two or more members (at the time of writing, in any way).

The logic behind this is that amoCRM is mostly a Sales oriented tool, and no more than 1 sales rep normally work on a deal. So if you have a more complex structure, where, for example, you have a pre-sales engineer, bizdev, account manager, and PR specialists working together, to make a deal happen - you a out of luck. This is a big issue when the tasks are overlapping, and one specialist needs to wait for another to finish up with his part of the task.