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Amazing Midi is capable of converting otherwise large files into midi format to reopen in Musescore. So why don't I recommend it?

When I used their tucows installer, first it took a butt load of a long time to download. It also installed instant support and PCAccellerator without my consent. Even after I uninstalled those, I had to restart my computer two times to get the volume setting to work correctly. Then my Mozilla Firefox had settings on it changed without my consent.

That's not even going into how hard it was to uninstall Instant Support and PC Accellerator. If you must use it, use another miror.

This is the problem with closed source technology, as this issue would have been caught immediately if the source code were open.


For additional information, it also installed Playthru Player against my consent. Now I'm having a buttload of a hard time uninstalling it, and the only ones available to remove it are freemium spyware software.