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Great program that reduces the hassle of window micro management

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I did an exhaustive search of free mouse based window management utilities that would make my life easier managing all my windows on a triple 1920 x 1080 screen layout with the flexibility i need over & above simple grid based window managers that lack the flexibility i need.

Alt Drag has

magnetic edge snapping - so i don't have to micro manage window size & layout

Window move and snap - Use the alt key and drag to move window and snap or resize window edge and snap (top, bottom, corners, right left)

Configuration I can blacklist windows, processes that i don't want AltDrag to effect, I can "snaplist" i.e. whitelist problematic windows to use altdrag functions. Many other mouse & keyboard hook options to configure to your workflow.

Notes This is still a bit buggy and can crash badly with 100% cpu but the benefits far outweigh the occasional crash. I hope the developer can do a bit more about this, but i guess it depends on donations!

I use in conjuction with wizmouse as this performs better than using altdrag for inactive window mouse wheel scroll. I also use niftywindows so i can do a simple right mouse click to drag an entire window. Warning this combination can be quite buggy (costs/benefits) so i disable all mouse hooks (in niftywindows) except right click. I wish Alt drag had this capability without using keyboard combo! But niftywindows has many options (just no snapping!!)

Notable programs i've tried (main ones) that have a subset of features:

Gridy:Good but not as flexible, like the grid snap capability

Taekwindow: OK, but need to use keyboard & mouse combo, no snapping

Allsnap: OK but buggy, need to run both 32 & 64 bit tray apps (and as admin), not as flexible

Pistachio: Works but very very buggy - last resort

Others: Winsplit, Divvy, PowerResizer, Windy, Chameleon Manager, Resizer

Notable Mentions: These are paid and are good alternatives
Actual Window Manager, NTWind WindowSpace


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I've always wanted an application that allowed better window snapping but never knew it existed. Fantastic.


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Very easy to use with a mouse. It was an alternative to "spectacle" but it gives a much similar feel to Ubuntu's resizing mechanism with more. I like it. I've only used it for 15 minutes so far but i'm impressed. Now I just gotta get used to the learning curve required to make this instinct. Free software is always good!


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Small, responsible, customizeble.


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If you have come from the tux community and miss the intuitive windows management and placement, then AltDrag is for you.

It is a high priority for me to install this on any new system.

Dead easy to use; Alt+right click to resize and Alt+left click to move. Can't be any easier.