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Uninstall at once !

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this app silently install bloatware, if you still have it installed, go uninstall it now!


Works well

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I see others have issues with allmyapps.

For my part, I think it has good updating and great selection of programs (much more so than Ninite) and it gives good control over which updates to get and which ones to leave in place.


Installs loads of crapware, avoid like the plague

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OMG, no idea why this has so many votes, installs all these garbage "optimizer" crapapps, avoid like the plague, stick to Ninite or others.


Lovechild of AOL and Norton

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This baby is bloated. I feel like my fairly powerful computer struggles just to render the interface of this app, much less run it. This is silly. Something as utilitarian as an update utility shouldn't be this slow. But, it is.

I tried this app because unfortunately a dispute between Ninite and Piriform means Piriform apps aren't available through Ninite. Believe it or not, it's worth manually installing those apps than having to deal with Allmyapps, which squanders its significantly wider app selection on its absurd bloatedness.


Stay away from this

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This thing is crap. It tried to "update" existing apps on my laptop which were already up to date ie. Firefox, Freemake, Open Office, and iTunes, and guess what, it really messed up everything!

After "updating" my iTunes which I really don't know why it had to, as my iTunes is always up to date, my iPhone could no longer be recognized and iTunes prompted me to Uninstall and Reinstall iTunes.

It added 2 new toolbars to all my browsers, without asking permission if I needed those toolbars in the first place - marketing bulloney!

I also had to reinstall my Freemake video downloader because it became very slow., plus it added a new toolbar to my browsers aside from the auto download icon.

I cannot even simplify removing all these updates as it refused to let me Restore from an earlier time even if I had System Restore Points before the installations took place.

This is a ton of work! Stay away from this! You are better off downloading apps from cnet or better yet, from the app owner's respective websites, just to be sure.

I thought I found a way to make my life easier, but this is a total wreck.

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Thanks for the heads up, I think I'll pass on this one. I was curious if there were any alternatives to Ninite out there that handle sync between computers, but it sounds like I'm better off without trying this one.

By the way you might try Ninite yourself. It has worked well for me on dozens of Windows systems whenever I am so unfortunate as to have to install or update one. As a matter of fact, I've never had even a single issue with it which is pretty impressive.

Npackd is good alternative, go try it

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The design of allmyapps borrows heavily from that of iTunes (and more recently, that of the Mac App Store). In fact, allmyapps is nearly identical to iTunes in both function and looks. Unfortunately, it's also just as laggy as iTunes. The navigation isn't too great-- pages take a bit too long to load, and the window even froze on me once while I was using it.

Also, there's not that many apps. Allmyapps says they have 1555 (or something like that) applications listed, but in reality, that's not a lot. All of the basics are there (e.g. the major web browsers, important plugins like Flash, PDF readers, video players, etc.), but the less popular programs that you might use certainly won't be available. I only recommend using allmyapps when you're setting up a new computer. This way, you can download all of your important programs in one place, which will save you a lot of time. But when it comes to day-to-day use, allmyapps loads too slow and doesn't have enough applications to be worth the effort.