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Zero Support

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After numerous fruitless attempts to get technical support from Bolide Software, I simply gave up. Of course, that didn't stop them from sending automated emails about AMB's best/newest features. It appears once they have your money, they could care less about supporting you.

I am not a calibre fan (it's slow and somewhat inflexible), but at least its free and readily supported.


Dated and Disappointing

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I wanted a Calibre alternative that simply catalogued books without restructuring them. I have over 30,000 books in a highly organized directory structure. I don't need to reorganize the structure or duplicate the files in a software-driven way, I simply need a searchable catalogue. As advertised, All My Books has the ability to scan the directory and load the books in a database, as well as check for duplicates. Users can also create multiple databases, make manual entries, track audio books, and a host of other features.

All My Books appeared to be the solution, so I made the purchase...

My mistake. While the program installed fine, it simply isn't up to task. Unfortunately, the program is slow and subject to sporadic crashes. Over a five day period, I managed to add about half my library. This laborious process crashed multiple times and created multiple duplicate files. While the program can check for duplicates during scan, the check can't be accomplished unattended. The user has to react each time a duplicate is identified. The software just sits and waits otherwise. At one point, I simply tried to rescan into a new database from scratch. Duplicates weren't an issue at that point, but the program continued to crash.

Frustrated, I tried to work through what I had loaded and check out All My Books' other features. The GUI is dated and XP-like. Going through the different views (list, shelf, cover flow) caused sporadic crashes, unknown errors and memory errors. The program offered to send a report to the developer, but even that failed. I had to close the program via Task Manager.

For the record, I use a 64-bit Win10 Pro i7 with 16 GB RAM. Perhaps this is a 32-bit program, although that is also unclear. I attempted to reach the developer for support through their website and, after several days, realized All My Books and Bolide Software aren't for me.

If you can get All My Books and Bolide Software to work for you, then consider yourself lucky. I won't do business with them again.


Its okay, as long as you don't mind being accused of piracy

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Nothing special here! It has features that can be found elsewhere, without the hassle, accusations or attitude!

I was tasked with finding and buying software for our library Friends organization, so that they could track the type of donated books they sell. I thought this software was it. The trial seemed to do most of what we needed, so I paid the $40 for the license.

To our chagrin we discovered that the software erroneously thinks it has been pirated, so in revenge it randomly renames books as WaReZ. To get rid of this you must delete and re-enter the book, good luck figuring out which book it was! Also this what if the book is not present?

Clean computers do not seem to matter, the software thinks it is pirated regardless!

I have emailed the devs several times about this over the last YEAR! Their suggestions to not help. Their attitude is asinine.

Look elsewhere!


Thanks for the warning. I get the developers' perspective and that it's not easy. But it's time that all of them finally learned that stunts like this always only ever hurt the paying customers. "Warez" versions don't have problems like these, because removing it is what the pirates do.

So in the end, you have the paid version with annoying bugs like this, or illegally shared ones that are of higher quality because these defects have been removed. I'm not sure that this is a position developers want to be in. Yet so many of them, even big companies, keep going there.