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Outstanding lightweight note taking program that gets out of your way and has great usability when open. I use it with Simplenote to connect to other devices and it works beautifully.

The developer is actively working on this one and has considered suggestions and worked with users to constantly improve.

A great open, free software and a great project.


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An excellent and continuously updated alternative to ResophNote. Among the many options for text note engines, it works well with Simplenote but can also each note file as a .txt on the local drive allowing two-way synchronisation with Dropbox. It is wonderfully customizable and comes with a variety of themes.

This is a free and open source application, its detail and stability is excellent, and consumes very very minimal system resources. It’s by an order of magnitude faster and more responsive than any of the alternatives.

Last but not least, the developer is very responsive and engages with feature requests and bug reports through GitHub.


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In its default presentation "AlephNote" is head and shoulders above "ResophNotes"
(RM has bugs that were driving me crazy, and have never been fixed)

AlephNotes is a portable plain-text note-taker on steroids
Excellent 'Settings" options that include ...

  • Tree style (optional) . . . . . . . a very pleasant surprise
  • Live URLs (optional) . . . customize mouse-settings to activate links
  • Notes Pane Scrollbars (horiz & vert) (optional)
  • Title pane & Notes panes can be resized individually (optional)
  • Word Wrap (optional from GUI -> View menu and Settings dlg))
  • Customize date, time, date-time strings , to insert from GUI > Edit menu or custom hotkeys
  • Synchronization (optional) ... or ... network, local or standalone PCs
  • Themes (optional)
  • Markdown (optional)
  • Text snippets (optional) ... custom text or more date-time formats (Settings dlg)

Default "AlephNote" is a simple notes list ...
... with Settings tweaks 'AlephNote" can be a full tree-structured notes-manager

Home page is minimalist. :(
Needs more documentation for creating "snippets" and associated "hotkeys"


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Best quick notes app after one small change! (see below)

The change I've done: rebinded "DeleteNote" shortcut to the "Alt+Delete" combination with the "Window wide" scope.

I think that's the essence of the "quick notes": quickly create, quickly delete.