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Main feature is that you can boot almost anything you want. No matter which BIOS require system - Legacy or 32/64-bit UEFI - just add system you want to USB using this tool and you will be able to boot this.
But this thing works mainly for Live systems. If you want to install system - search for the one which will support your BIOS.
Also currently AIO Boot has often updates, many languages, simple UI.
For me it's the best tool :) Even Rufus goes to 2-nd place :)


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It is quite versatile in multiboot situations. I am relatively new to its usage. I configured flash drive for booting from Gandalf’s utilIty CD, where the flash drive could already boot from HBCD. There was a total surprise awaiting me. Gandalf’s size is slightly above 2 GB. I keep looking in the flash drive, Gandalf’s content disappeared, even though in Control Panel in File View I made all hidden files visible. It is a nice trick if I can figure out how it is done. To repeat, the flash is multiboot, and I can boot to either HBCD, or Gandalf’s!!! I am impressed.