Ailem Online Reviews

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Why this app?

  1. It's only 8MB in total, which is the smallest app in this category.
  2. It's the simplest and user-friendly app.
  3. It's the cheapest app (as low as USD 1 per month) in its category.
  4. It's the fastest and cleanest app in its category.
  5. It's an all-in-one app that has screentime, app & site control, geofence, location tracking, messasing...
  6. You can freely test the app with all features available.
  7. You can manage all your family with only one membership.
  8. You can send message directly to the child with a splash screen
  9. You can set geofences and get alerts when in and out without opening the app
  10. You can customize the app for your unique needs!