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Ahneblatt vs Gramps

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Language Support:

  • Gramps 38
  • Ahnenblatt 23 Languages


  • Gramps is OpenSource and Free
  • Ahnenblatt is Free

Depth of Detail:

  • Gramps is very complicated and is difficult for non-experts
  • Ahnenblatt is perfect for a hobby and professional work


  • Gramps, a lot of compatible and different export possibilities
  • Ahnenblatt, good overview export, but is not fully compatible with other programms


  • Gramps: English,
  • Ahnenblatt: Little and most German Community


  • Gramps: Linux, MacOS, Win,
  • Ahnenblatt: Win

Activity: Bough are active Projects

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Since version 3.00 Ahnenblatt is no longer free- it costs 39,00 EUR. The last free version was 2.99.