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I've used adobe CS6 suite for the longest time, needed a new replacement program for handling vector files and doing light editing that I would normally do in Mostly for creating simple graphics as well for webdesign.

I wanted something similar to Apple's Sketch since windows unfortunately didn't have any close equivalents. This is the closest thing to it

I would describe Affinity Designer as a mix of Apple Sketch and Illustrator, with Photoshop (Raster image tools) baked in. There's also a seperate program specifically for working with photos, that's called affinityphotos


  • Loads up quickly
  • Unbloated
  • $50 one time fee
  • Export Persona is amazing for quickly creating png files

The problem with using illustrator is I didn't use it everyday, so sometimes I would forget all these quirky workflows when working with it, and it'd take far too long to get something done.

I was able to create simple graphics without looking at tutorials, its very intuitive.

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I have seen a lot tutorials, so i am planing to buy after market recerge

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It's lightning fast and a lot more simple than illustrator. It's loaded with tons a features. At this price you don't need to think twice!


Great program

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Great program, definitely deserves a little more love here at

I totally agree. At just $50 (currently), it's a painless replacement for Illustrator that also provides some much needed improvements over it.

As far as the love here at AlternativeTo, it's just a matter of people logging in and adding their "Like". Please feel free to share it to try and get some more Likes added. I'll be doing the same. :)

Best regards, David