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""NOTE: Downloading is prohibited under US law for...

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Unethical developer(s)!

""NOTE: Downloading is prohibited under US law for those in countries listed in Table E:1 of Supplement 1 to CFR 740. By downloading, you attest that you are not located in one of those countries, which includes Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria.

Download Error...
We're sorry, but we cannot allow a download of this file due to export restrictions. In your case, the problem is that we cannot determine your country via your IP address. Please contact us and provide us with your IP address (ipv6) so that we can correct this issue.""

Pathetic. It seems they liked to play police a lot in the kindergarten.
You can clone it from github (from US also) without any kind of restriction. Interesting law that one must use and the other can deny.

Nobody would use Tor if it was prohibited in those countries that need it most.


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Single file encryption allows better hard disc or solid state memory space usage. Veracrypt has it's purpose; but, it can waste memory space when it does require a volume be created for the purpose of encrypting one file. The volume size required by Veracrypt can be more than needed; therefore, memory space is wasted. Creating volumes does also take more time.