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This free host sucks I signed for a account 4 days ago I am already suspended. All I did was setup a small wordpress site with a decent number of pages and 2 images on the site and no hits. During the 4 days I was playing around with different plugins and themes to find the ones that worked for my site. I finally got my site to useable level, I was away for like 8 or 9 hrs came back to find out it was suspended. I guess this free host the server or server they use specs are way to low like 2gb ram and 200mb to 500mb connect speed. Stay away from this free host they offer unlimited space and bandwidth and 50k hits a day BS to get you to sign up. When your site get 50 to 200 hits and uses like 250k to 500k of ram you get suspended. Most sites will get suspended in the first 2 weeks. x10host is the best free host IMHO only 2 down sides they allow one domain pre account some free host allow 5 or 10 and support sucks post a thread on the support forum min of 2 to 3 days reply sometimes no replay at all.

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I am currently using aeonfree for my personal website.
I can host up to 3 websites on an account, which is good compared to other hosting services I have tried. It's free so, it has some downsides. The features of free hosting are the same on every free hosting website. They just lack in comparison to paid hostings.
I think Aeonfree is a mediocre web hosting platform if you want to host your small website.
If I face some issues, then I get regular replies from the support about the errors. so they have good support for free hosting.
If you want to test a website or want to check, then go with this hosting, or if you want something solid, then buy a premium one.
For free hosting, It's doing a great job for me.