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Aeon Timeline is brilliant

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Yes, I am a fan. I found Aeon using alternativeto.com while looking for a program to compile a complex legal timeline. Aeon was just what I needed. It allows the user to create a timeline using absolute times and dates, or to create one where everything is relative. This may seem a bit odd, until you realize that Aeon is able to assist fiction authors and play writes to create and track complex fictional story lines as part of the authoring process.

My use of Aeon was somewhat niche in that I needed to track financial transactions between more than 30 bank accounts over a seven year period as part of an asset and income tracing legal case. Because Ason accepts csv imports, I was able to download bank transaction statements electronically and massage the data before importing it directly into Aeon. This shortened up my analysis and allowed the identification and visualization of money flowing between the various bank accounts in what was an intentional attempt to hide origins and destinations. Aeon is so robust that I was able to load thousands of individual transactions and then track each one.

A review of Aeon would not be complete without mention of Matt Tobin, the developer. Matt and his team are providers of excellent support for their product and are happy to work with customers to help them get the most out of Aeon. I cannot thank them highly enough for the support they provided to me.

As I said from the outset, yes I am a fan. Aeon is probably the best value software purchase I have ever made and it has already paid for itself many time over. Before you go to the big players, give Aeon a try. You will not be disappointed.