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Quick and Effective

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I am a computer tech with years of experience, and this program is one of the best right now if you want something quick. I have found it to be very effective at removing most of the obvious infections, and it usually does it very fast. It seems especially good at taking care of those zombie browser search hijackers that keep coming back.

A previous reviewer said it had suspicious behavior, so I will address his points. I am NOT affiliated with the creators of this program.

  1. The program does not have an uninstall option because it is a portable app, which means it is not installed. I run it from my flash drive. If it is in the task manager after the first reboot that is probably because it outputs a log at that point. Just reboot again and it should be gone.

  2. Forcing all applications to close including your antivirus IS A GOOD THING in this case. It helps prevent anything from hindering malware scanning and removal. Another tool that used to be really great (but more dangerous to use because it was not as careful about ripping out malware even if it was an infected system file) was ComboFix; that program would tell you to disable your antivirus before it would run. I like AdwCleaner better because it just does it for you. After the cleanup process it restarts the computer, and your antivirus should be restored then unless AdwCleaner flagged it as malware.

  3. It does not find files that were not on the computer already. If it found a toolbar that was not then installed in your browser, chances are it used to be installed and it found a remnant of it.

  4. Forcing a reboot is good because one of the use cases is for techs to recommend this app to others, in which case if they have the option to reboot or not they might choose "no", which would be bad. Forcing the reboot makes it simpler. Personally I like that. The only time I don't care for it is when it doesn't find anything that would warrant a reboot, but even then I would usually want to reboot anyway to restore all the apps that it closed (like the antivirus).

The reviewer may also be a tech, I don't know, yet I kindly but strongly disagree with his assessment. For more proof, the app has the approval of the awesome folks at bleepingcomputer.net, which is THE forum to go if you want help removing malware from your PC.

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Quick, fast, and easy for every adware removal.


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Easy to use and very fast. Thank you, Malwarebytes !


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Used to be the best of the best go to tool for removing PUP on systems without antivirus. Since Malwarebytes took it over i have since stopped using it though. I do miss it though.


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Excellent tool for what it does. Not a replacement for anti-malware, anti-ransomware, anti-virus applications, but it's created by Malwarebytes and they keep it updated regularly. Detects Adware programs, PUPS, some bots that the aforementioned programs aren't designed to catch as quickly during scans. Very light, easy, no adware or pop ups. Will always be on my system as long as it's supported by Malwarebytes. (cyber sec tech)



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This software really works. I've deleted some annoying adware successfully.


Highly suspicious behaviour

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I would not trust this program as its behaviour is too risky.
First of all, after installation, the program does not appear in the list of installed programs on Windows 7. Therefore there is no standard way to uninstall it.
Secondly, it forces all applications to close down including your antivirus and other antispyware. This is highly destructive.
Thirdly, it finds files that were not on the computer already. For example, I do not use toolbars on browsers........and this one says there are.
Fourth, it forces you to reboot, which is a dangerous sign.
After reboot.........it shows the log of what was deleted, which is acceptable.
Then I go back to Control Panel / Programs and try to uninstall. Impossible.
Then I find the original installation file.........run it again and then use the uninstall option.
At the first attempt not uninstalled. Program still shown in the task manager.
At the second attempt uninstalled.
I have tested a large number of antispyware (Malwarebytes, Spybot, etc) but this program design is highly unusual. I will not install again. This is my personal view .........and you may wish to try for yourself. Good luck.


When you go on and on like you did in this comment it really helps when you know what you are talking about. Which you clearly do not. It is the exact reasons you list that make or made this program so great. I have not used since it was purchased by malwarebytes but there used to be a manual that explained all of the "highly unusual" parts you describe. perhaps you should give it a read before ranting about things you know nothing about.