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IOBIT advanced system care

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this application does what it says - it cleans up your register, your temp files, your RAM (in the toolkit) and finds more faulty references than any other cleaner app I use to check on eachother (ie System Mechanic, Super Rabbit registry optimizer)

there's an extra download for the ASC defrag app which is worth the bother, mainly because it works better than the standard windows one.

ultimately it can defrag your system master boot file table too - and a later check in the defrag tool shows a nice & perfect master boot file.

cab be a bit cpu-heavy when running but only has to run every once a week or month, depending on how much data you shift on your pc on a daily basis.

will eventually run the naggy "updater" popup from time to time and come up with the eventual (product-related) popup but you can block these easily in your pc's "services" and "startup" -blocking selfbooting utitlities (like HijackThis, System Mechanic).

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it is realy must have... i know this tool for many years,and I'm happy with..


The registry cleaner corrupted my Windows 8, on 3 ...

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Feature rich, but overly aggressive, includes ad-ware/bundle-ware.
The registry cleaner corrupted my Windows 8, on 3 separate occasions. When it didn't corrupt the OS it did speed it up; closing many unnecessary windows processes etc... It allowed me to play fallout 3 on my laptop back in the day, where otherwise it would crash from lack of ram. This being back in 2012.
The software has adware.
The application has a great modern GUI.


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I bought Advanced SystemCare Pro, with a few other of their programs included, at HumbleBundle. The entire package was $20 for a one year license. It was money well spent. My computer is running better than it has in a while. Pro comes with many features, such as Internet Booster, Disk Cleaner and Registry Cleaner, which has Deep Scan. The booster did help speed up my internet speed and my browser speed. It optimizes Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Opera. You can also find the usual features many utilities have.

Some of their features aren't available until you download them. Like updating your computer's drivers, shredding files and Face ID facial recogniton software. Some are free to download and use. Others aren't. Smart Defrag Pro is $3.99. Their uninstaller program is $4.99.

All in all, though, I suggest giving it a try. Aside from the upsell, which isn't cool, it's a good utility. I notice a difference in the speed and performance of my computer. Because of the upsell, though, I can only give it 3 stars.


i really recommend this tools because...

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  • Modern User Interface
  • Some Exlusive Features such as...

Antivirus / Real time protector
Default program
DNS Protection
Homepage Protection
Internet booster
Surfing Protection
Turbo Boost
Windows Tweaks


IoBit Advanced System Care

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I've been running this program on my PC for over 6 years now and absolutely love it! It keeps my Dell N7010 laptop running as fast and efficiently as the day I first plugged it in! Gets rid of all the junk files and registry errors. I also use IoBit's Smart Defrag and Malware Fighter version 4.4 programs and they also perform flawlessly! The free versions are great, but I prefer the paid versions because with the free ones you must manually activate the scans, but the paid versions do it all automatically once you install and set your preferences.


Hey, it looks good

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In terms of actual features, Advanced SystemCare does pretty much the exact same thing as every other "optimization" app in Windows. Basically, it's CCleaner with a shiny interface. Still, I'll probably be using Advanced SystemCare in the future, because I do appreciate the interface design of the app.