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Great Community Too!

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Not only is this a great utility for renaming - I find it has very advanced renaming methods, but also is quite easy to use. The interface is nice, and makes sense imho.

I wanted to say for the odd times I had trouble coming up with a unique solution for renaming a certain type of file, the community is fantastic! There is lots of information on the website, but the forum:

is where you will find lots of friendly people willing to help with some of the more advanced scripting techniques.

This is my favorite renaming software for all of these various reasons.


Great Program

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This is my favorite file renaming program. IMO better than renamer and bulk rename utility.


Disponível em Português do Brasil - Available in Brazilian Portuguese

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O melhor que encontrei disponível em Português do Brasil.

The best i found available in Brazilian Portuguese.


Very good!

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Complete and free. Excellent!

It has the feature [Move UP/Down] of name files.




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After spending some time with ReNamer, i finally fell on Advanced Renamer. I needed a renamer capable of stripping characters at the end of any filename, especially handy for files coming from deviantart website that contain 8 random characters at the end of every downloaded file.

Advanced Renamer is capable of doing that plus many other things, you can make your own presets and save them of course.

Any change can be cancelled even after closing the app, that is definitely a plus.

It also has a right-click context menu "add to Advanced Renamer" which automatically opens the program and adds the files you selected in explorer.

I'm not going to list everything this program does because i'm mainly using this for characters stripping.

All in all, don't hesitate to try it, it's really a good piece of software.

PS : if you don't like the original icon, here is a great one :

Just for the record: ReNamer could have solved this problem easily.

Not the way i wanted to do this. I tried with ReNamer and didn't find a safe way to do it. I much prefer how Advanced Renamer is organized and the extra features it provides ;-)

Assuming ReNamer supports Perl regexes:

Replace with:

Though, honestly, ReNamer is ugly. I like my UI sexy. Advanced Renamer has the best free UI I have seen, is easier to use, and maintains poweruser power.

What you call sexy, i call cluttered and bloated. Can't please everyone i guess.