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Good at its job

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I have purchased AFORG many years ago to organise my many PC game magazine coverdiscs, among other media. The software is very easy to use. It does what it's supposed to and offers many comfortable features without becoming too overburdened like some other applications of the kind.

Scanning discs is very quick, and there are a few options to automatically extract basic metadata. After scanning, you can add custom descriptions to files and folders, and also assign them to nested categories that you can set up. This allowed me to finely sort all the different content on the discs. The search feature is powerful enough and brings up your results pretty much instantly even for large catalogues.

AFORG is a good example of a program that knows its scope: it might not do as much as some of its alternatives, but what it does, it does flawlessly and reliably. Unfortunately, it has not been updated in over five years at the time of writing, and I'm not sure about how its future will look. But this is one of the rare cases where even a 5-year-old version is better than most up-to-date alternatives.


I used web-dnld one at first,

then later still bought a version, which is the last one 3.01~

I think I have been using it since 2008 or something.

Well~ as an open source supporter I will try to turn into open-source solution,
however, at the moment, I solely use it.

PS: I don't have time to try any open source solution yet :P