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os X alternative to DreamWeaver

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there is nothing even remotely close in OS/X to dreamweaver.
**WYSIWYG? **Nothing, free or paid. And really... this has always been dreamweavers bread and butter. At least in windows, you had some options. Mac? None.
BlueGriffen and a couple of others try this... but fail miserably, missing such essentials as font selection, tables, html5, etc, etc...

Live Preview
Taco HTML Edit (just discontinued) did have live preview that worked amazingly, even including HTML5 and CSS3, javascript and server code (so it actually beat anything on ANY platform in that regard and was amazing for CSS prototyping because you would instantly see change), but it is no longer sold and is no longer going to be updated.

I could go on with a ton of other features... some code editors have some of them, no code editor has ALL of them and WYSIWYG. So I will just list some of them to hopefully cutdown on what about "joe blow editor" ... it doesn't have WYSIWYG but stuff every article that EVER stated this gets.

  • tag closing
  • code folding
  • highlighting
  • php/asp/cfm (who the hell uses coldFusion anymore?) support
  • complete html5 support
  • complete css3 support
  • javascript support
  • bootstrap2,3,4 support even in design mode.
  • Image map support
  • wizzards for forms, tables, frames, etc, etc
  • ftp support
  • webDav support
  • revisioning support from CVS and other popular versioning systems
  • extensible, so thousands of addons exist for it
  • collaborative editing with change tracking
  • web application support

I wish there was ANYTHING that did half of this, I fricking HATE adobe. But if you are a web developer, it's the tool you hate that you have to have.



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Buggy interface. Times out when uploading constantly. (and takes 2 minutes to cancel the upload)

Doesn't parse PHP right and leaves a lot of syntax colouring incorrect.

Useless for PHP. Dreamweaver was great 10 years ago when HTML sufficed and we all used WYSIWYG editors.

I recommend Aptana if you like to have your work uploaded quickly and effortlessly.


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The best visual editor ever made! I can't understand why the Linux community (which developed great alternatives to Windows-based software, such as the LibreOffice and the Gimp) never finished the project of a Dreamweaver alternative. Both NVU and Kompozer were discountinued before became great softwares! :-(


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Dreamweaver is a software for designing web pages and creating HTML templates or programming. The software works with the WYSIWYG (What you see is what you see) logic, which helps to create websites through the software interface.


Most Famous Web Development Tool

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This Tool are most popular in my environment, i am being introduced by lecturer on my college and this tool actually vastly used in most companies too