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Adobe Creative Cloud = Deal Breaker

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Working in remote areas where there is no internet connection makes the new Adobe Suite on the CC as useful as tits on a bull. The same goes for the rest of their suite so whilst the integration of earlier editions was awesome.. this new business model is a deal breaker for me.

I will be looking at alternative software to see what will best fill in the gaps in my workflow. The Avid product line seems ok but I'm not convinced that it is the direction I wish to go.


Adobe shot themselves in the foot after they moved...

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Adobe shot themselves in the foot.

Adobe shot themselves in the foot after moving to a subscription based software. The latest Creative Cloud license forces users to upgrade to the current version or risk being sued for infringement. Seriously??? In addition, they removed all trial versions before CC 2019. Older hardware is being phased out forcing clients to purchase the latest Windows 10 based PC. That is the DUMBEST freaking thing I have heard in my life.



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This alternate recommendation is a blemish on this sites credibility to recommend genuine alternatives to software titles: which is its primary function. The alternates listed here are absurd and are factually and inherently incorrect. Grossly incorrect to say the least. Not a single alternate is a genuine alternate. Adobe Audition is not a music production Daw. It is specifically designed for film audio post. The only alternatives to Adobe Audition are Nuendo and Fairlight. That's it and that's that! Reason, Pro Tools, Audacity? Please. What a joke!


ARE YOU KIDDING ME? ProTools is the most prominent app in the film industry for post!

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Well you can speak for yourself as I've been using Audition within my workflow for music creation from back when it was Cool Edit Pro. In fact, when CEP was out, everyone I knew was working with it in some fashion.

I agree it's not a DAW and couldn't really be used as one for serious musicians, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have a place. I use Logic Pro X, occasionally Ableton and mostly work with MPC software before mixing in those DAWs, but when I need to edit vocal files, the Wave editing capability (or maybe my familiarity too) is superior to anything else I've used.

I wish people would stop insisting on pigeonholing everything. It's for video sound editing, no it's for podcasting, no it's for audio cleanup, no its for musicians/artists. It can be something for all those people without being the central tool for any of them, and still have vale,

There. Go CEP! I mean Audition!


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Easy to use, neat and clean interface, with a huge community to help you get started up to the very end. Be it cutting a part of a track or removing noise, Auditions is the most convenient application.

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Great integration with other adobe products

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I've used Adobe Audition in combination with Small Adobe Premiere Pro iconAdobe Premiere Pro and I love the smooth integration between to two products. I could almost certainly do the same in Small Audacity iconAudacity but the integration is so nice - and if you pay for the Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe Audition comes at no extra cost..


"I could almost certainly do the same in Audacity"

Same what? Please specify. "Almost" and "certainly" is an inherent contradiction in terms. One expresses doubt and the other certainty. Is it almost: which denotes an inability, or certainly: which is absolute? I can list quite a few features in Audition that Audacity can't fathom.