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Comment by Cybermum101
about Adobe After Effects · Apr 2015 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

After Effects is a really awesome software and I love to play around with it, it is not for the newbie as it can be hard to learn, although some of the other alternatives are even harder, But, the price is what scares most people away from buying AE and I think that 1 month trial is not nearly long enough for someone to learn and decide if they want to pay such a large amount.. I have just come across a new alternative "Video Motion Pro" for 2015, I know that it is no way superior to AE but is definitely cheaper and you can create Green Screen projects, logo's, outros, and so much more, it is really worth having a look at if the price of AE is out of your Reach.

Avoid that link posted on above comment. <<

Did you deliberately provide a bad link instead of directly sending clickers to Video Motion Pro website?

As far as I'm concerned about Video Motion Pro is that, it's an abandoned software as it may not work because it's buggy and the company won't refund your money simply because their customer service doesn't respond.

You probably got paid by the company to post that malware link that got blocked by Malwarebytes.

Comment by Aaron
about Adobe After Effects · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

I have seen a lot of what this can do, and it is amazing... I just wish that there was a Ubuntu (linux) version available.


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