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Ridiculously overpriced

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I just saw the current pricing for Acrobat DC, and I'm not even sure if Adobe are just pulling our legs at this point. They're asking $30/mt. for the full package. Given the generally abysmal quality of the software, that might be somewhat justifiable for a lifetime license. But a monthly recurring fee? They have to be kidding. Acrobat is outclassed and outperformed by pretty much every third-party offering out there, and I don't think any of them exceed $200 for a one-time payment (excluding major upgrades, of course). You'll have spent more than that on Acrobat after half a year, and in return you'll get to deal with the many bugs, poor rendering performance, faulty printing integration, and Adobe's ironic inability to properly support their own document format. The number of PDF compatibility issues I see whenever I use Acrobat DC at work, is very amazing compared to the relative robustness of third-party tools.


I agree, their pricing model is extremely unfriendly to casual or home users who may use some extensive features.

I agree with removed user the pricing model is terrible. but its 15$. I found no bugs but interface turned out not great

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