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Makes users overly annoyed

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Not only do they force dangerous ads that can be harmful to the computer at times, but I can assure you that using this service is one of the quickest ways to lose a crapload of users or visitors. Having experienced this awful service time and time again, I know that I avoid sites that use it like the plague. Especially since Ad.fly thinks it's ok to force users to enable dangerous javascript on their dangerous site, and don't allow adblockers.
Honestly, these kinds of services are one of the plagues of the internet. They ruin everything about it. They shouldn't exist here. Posting links should not be about money, and the reason is painfully obvious: because the people posting links are no longer unbiased or truthful. They can post a link to anything & get paid for it, and they can lie about what the links destination is in the first place as well. Posting information should not be about getting paid. It should be about sharing information or things. Services like these are quickly ruining the web. That and paid affiliate content masquerading as real content or "articles" of information, and even how-to's or guides. I discourage using this service, unless you want to lose visitors.

My one suggestion would be to at least use a different service that does this kind of thing. You might consider ouo.io, it's the only one that never pissed me off much as a user & is the least invasive to us. People will be less likely to write your site & your links off completely if you try that one or any similar ones that dont require so much & dont display dangerous crap.


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this one is very popular and most websites using it for earning money

but be advised that the contents are sometimes malicious and able to damage your OS so always use proper antivirus to avoid it


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I try to use it to promote business but the conversion rate is really rare, so low or maybe sometimes 0

You shouldn't rely on it to promote your business unless you really want to have more exposure for nothing.

The website itself is good, but maybe it's just not for me.