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A unique Sci-fi web game that is truly free to play

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Like all browser games, this game allows you to be flexible in your time allocation. You can put as much time as you want into it or as little as you can spare

This game is not about building or improving planets, not even mainly about building biggest army either. It is more about solving puzzles made by players and making puzzles for other players to solve with emphasis on strategy and mind game with good equalizer preventing big players to curb stomp small players. You start by choosing a “tech-type” to start with, flesh it out, research and build yourself up, find a style of play and enjoy! The community is great! Helpful people and alliances in abundance, making the sorta harsh learning curve a lot smoother if you’re willing to participate socially.
Tech types also have pretty distinct ways of setting up fleets and hitting, which keeps the game interesting for a long time at least for me
On top of that, patches and developments for the game enhanced the meta which also contributes to keeping the game fresh!
Very flexible when it comes to time commitment.
Never found a game where it is this satisfying to pull off a proper hit/heist.
Developers really involved in the community, they listen and really wishes the best for the game and community.
NO pay to win there is almost No gameplay advantage for paying players. This is really true and they’re really committed to this.
Harsh learning curve, but if you get involved in an alliance, this isn’t really true.
UI, pretty but sometimes not extremely intuitive and very click demanding. (this is also part due to it being adapted to touch screens)
10/10 My last browser game.
Like sci-fi, planning strategies and devising the perfect plan? Give it a whirl, there’s nothing to lose and a lot to gain

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Only just started playing but seems really good fun. Good game mechanics, an active playerbase, responsive devs... and free!!....what more could you want!

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A truly unique browser based 4X game with deep tactics and a surprisingly friendly community.