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Actual Multiple Monitors Reviews

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After using Ultramon for so many years (almost happily), and trying out Multimon and DisplayFusion, I am so happy to have found Actual Multiple Monitors! So sick of the silly bugs in Ultramon that the developers didn't bother to fix (it's so rarely updated - it's been 10 months with no updates.
So far I've only had one problem with it, MediaMonkey doesn't like it, but adding it to the exception list fixed that. MediaMonkey didn't like Ultramon either.
For some reason Actual Multiple Monitors is only marketed on the point of the ALT-TAB window being shown on every window, being able to change the window to any monitor in one motion and having two start buttons. But there is so much ore to this program. Fantastic hotkey options (alterable of course) that always work the way they're meant to - unlike Ultramon. Works seamlessly with Win7.

@NginUS - It does allow you to change the window to any monitor you want without cycling through. For anybody that is concerned just check out the videos on AMM's website. No need to run Ultramon in tandem. I just had a look and it's still cheaper than Ultramon.

Fantastic staff also, after using the programme for 3 hours I decided to buy it. Amazing for someone that's only bought 4 programmes in the last 10 years. MediaMonkey, Tag&Rename and Oops!Backup are the only others. From what I saw the staff are very friendly and earnestly want to find out how AMM can be improved.