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Many functions, for free !

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I've been using the free edition for a while now, and enjoy the choice of options, the smart recording functions, the great choice of outputs (pdf, swf, mp4, webm.... you name it).

After many years using Wink that felt a bit old, I decided I needed a new screencasting / tutorial software.
I tried other programs such as BB FlashBack Express or HyperCam, but I chose ActivePresenter as my new tutorial creator.


Professional elearning software

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Very useful screen recording software. I like user interface very much. Very easy to use. More important is No water mark, no time limit and very good editing video features.
Not only free and standard version work fine. Professional edition is my best choice for my elearning lessons.

Thanks for sharing Activepresenter.


A professional software

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I am very surprised by various amazing functions in free edition of ActivePresenter. After 1 months trying free, I decided to buy Standard license for my screencast videos.

It is absolutely the greatest software for screencast purposes.


Works fine

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It allows to modify the recorded video, add sountracks, banners and many other useful things. I find it complete and effective. Due to its completeness, I can't find a better program to compare with.


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Very affordable. Versatile, easy learning curve.


Misleading ....

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The freeware version is limited to 30 second demos with a watermark... something they never bother to tell you on the website. Crashed once during testing... doesn't really work any better then Wink... which is free.


I've recorded a 3'03'' screen video and encountered any issue: no watermarks, exported in webm format. The video quality was very good and fluid. Please, would you explain how you got a 30 seconds watermarked video?

Same as stefanoazzi : no time limit, no watermark with the free edition.
This may also be useful : http://atomisystems.com/activepresenter/features-comparison/