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    **_Second only to Lazpaint (32bit & 64bit, 2.97mb & 3.54mb respectfully)_** **Its 9.33mb portable, UPX packed ready to run, Handles 8192x8192 images** 100% free, Portable & one of the lightest full feature image editor that can CREATE & EDIT a SVG/Vector image (not just edit one, like Free SVG Edit). - 32Bit (**works on Windows XP in tests**) - **Handles 8192x8192 images with alpha & layer support** - Supports TIF, GIF, JPG, PCX, BMP, ICO, PNG, EMF, TGA, PSD, WMF, XFC, SVG and others - no air, java or net framework required (thats rare at this size) - Create & Edit vector images - batch operations - Photoshop like UI and shortcuts - **100% free & Portable** *No DDS OR 16K image support
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