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Awful, I have no idea what it injects on the OS, but when it required a restart and Windows showed a message Configuring System after the normal installation I got suspicious, and with a good reason, my Windows 10 System became unbootable!!!! Fortunately I had another PC here with the Windows 10 ISO that I copy to an USB Pen Drive, previously already tried to fix boot and restore and it failed, did a Chkdsk also with no luck, then inserted the USB Pen Drive and fixed the boot files from there and Windows started, so before I uninstalled it, I tried it, but what a joke, the Android mouse cursor was REALLY slow and laggy, completely useless!!!! Even a VNC is way faster, but I just want the mouse and keyboard integration as my android have video out, but definitely this is not the app to fulfil those requirements!


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Works via bluetooth, so no client software required for basic functionality ... which means easy to use with Chrome OS.