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Works fine for me. I use it for system image backups. Never failed. I would only like to disable all the unnecessary services running in the background.

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I have been running Acronis True Image for about a year. I purchased multiple multi-computer licenses. In the one case where I needed to recover a system due to a lightening strike blowing a mother board, I found the recovery process too complicated and time consuming.

Today I applied the July 2018 Windows 10 security roll-up update to one machine. Upon reboot Acronis reported that I had exceeded the maximum number of activations for the license key. it then offered a number of options to resolve the problem, including "I reinstalled Windows". I tried this option which required me entering account information which I did not have on hand at the time. Since I needed to get the system running, I used another license key that had a few activations left. That worked and all is ok.

Later I logged on to my Acronis account to discover there is absolutely no way to see a list of machines using a given license key. In fact, you can't even see how many activations have been used for a key.

I opened a chat with customer support who basically told me what I had already found. THEY know how many activations there are against each license but they aren't willing to make that information available to the customer or to allow the customer to centrally manage licenses. They just want to up-sell to more licenses and they cloud back-up service.

So, my take away is that Acronis cares more about preventing someone from using their precious software without buying a license than they do about supporting customers that have purchased bulk licenses.

Frankly, I'm looking for another solution which brought me to this article.

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supports Incremental, Cloud, Scheduled backup, has Good UI, and supports Live CD but since it is commercial, need to think twice before paying it


Very unstable

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Several times crashed and didn't see drive C. Eventually nothing helped to get it working, just simply don't see drive c:, so uninstalled.

OS: Windows 10 Ent with all updates.


Doesn't warn you if something goes wrong at all.

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I lost some files because the FTP upload for one of the volumes failed. Acronis didn't warn that the FTP upload failed at all and said that the back-up was successful.


Do not use on mac os, or period if you can avoid it.

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Whatever you do, don't use Acronis True Image at least not on the Mac. Backing up to the cloud works fine with a desktop app. But recovering files is awful. You have to login at least 3 times via redirects on Safari. Then the download happens through Safari. I was not able to get it to work with a decent download manager like leech. Downloads keep getting timed out, and won't resume even though I have a static ip on my local network. So I am having to go through the directory tree and download it folder by folder. PITA.


Solid And Adapting Tool

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So I really like Acronis True Image, not just because it's a solid backup tool, but it just works! I've tried a few disk imagers, many of which have issues re-imaging a machine that's different hardware or otherwise incompatible in the slightest. Not impressed when this happens as honestly it's a huge annoyance that the disk image can't detect that I have a better hard drive.

True Image just works, whether I have different hardware or the same. Some people will say it's not worth the price but if you're going to be doing backups and replacing hardware over time it's in my opinion the best tool. Other disk imagers are fine but they likely can't do this, or at least not as well.



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Acronis 2016 crashed upon my very first restore attempt of an XP machine. In other words, IT DOES NOT PROTECT YOU WITH A BACKUP which is the only reason the product exists. Jesus Christ.

The box LIES. Do not buy this for an XP machine.

Then again, most I.T. people mock anyone using XP (since they don't understand what productivity is, namely with regard to interface), so good luck being taken seriously with this complaint.

Note - your mileage may vary. I have a very very vanilla 2003 Compaq Presario, 200G drive, Maybe in the 10 minutes that Acronis spent testing True Image 2016 on XP, they assembled a configuration that it actually works on. So YMMV.


Considering XP is dead (as in Microsoft will not update it anymore) for a long time now, it is obvious no one will care enough for them. Even if they have been the most perfect OS Microsoft released, it is something that was abandoned.

With that said though, it should not make anyone mock the users of WIndows XP, but the company. They are still advertising it for WIndows XP and take the money from the users that decide to use it on WIndows XP.

If anything I would be furious for being lied to/tricked. Thank you for the comment. Hopefully more people will see it.

It's even worse. They replace DLLs which caused my original version of Agent Reader to no longer function. EVEN AFTER UNINSTALL. That's right. By installing and uninstalling this product, an unrelated, perfectly working program will never run again. The sh--iest irony is that I have no backup to return to before Acronis f---ed everything up. By the time Acronis was installed, it had irreparably damaged my .DLL structure.

Why the f--- did Symantec f--- up Norton Ghost? If not for that, I wouldn't have wandered into the garbage Acronis software to begin with.

And FWIW - Acronis seems okay on Win 7, other than you don't have an Explorer-style or DOS access to the backup; everything's in one massive file, and you have to use their interface to restore. So you can't just SUBST drive J: to the backup and restore j:\somedir\somesubdir*.jpg from a nifty batch file. No, that's too productive. You have to navigate their interface and do things slowly, with 1000 times the effort in some cases. I'm not exaggerating. (My cumbersome workaround is to have a super massive extra empty drive, and restore everything there, then use explorer and DOS methods like batch files to restore selectively)

Used to be one of the best, now lagging behind

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Many of the big name backup software providers are offering cloud backups, but only if you use their cloud storage. On top of that, there aren't any worthwhile features being added. There's no archive option, no sync option between personal devices, no failsafe for laptop backups to stop/resume as necessary and move data to intended location once connection resumes.


So many bugs here and there, thanks alternativeTo which helped me find something else for backup !

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A few years ago I run through comparison websites and saw so many times that Acronis True Image was supposed to be the best. Indeed, there are many usefull features that I could hardly find on other software. So I bought it, and regretted.
I faced so many bugs, more or less important, that I definitively decided to find an other software. Many thanks to alternativeTo, which made me discover and compare many software, and finally choose AOMEI Backupper. It is clean and efficient. The support team answers. The only drawback is the linux boot tool which works badly, but the Windows PE is great.
Back to Acronis TI : for some bugs I contacted the support team (I don't remember why, it's too far) and won a free upgrade. But I still face problems like unable to load an image, or very long processes, or windows that don't feet my screen, etc. I'm very disappointed.

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Macrium Reflect Free - Paragon B+R Free 2011 - Acronis TI HE

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Comparison Macrium Reflect Free Edition 4.2 vs. Paragon Backup & Recovery 2011 Free (all 32+64 bit) vs. Acronis True Image Home Edition :

Application.....................................................Macrium Free 4.2...Paragon 2011 Free ...Acronis True Img. HE

Cleanup Backups automatically: ..............NO (1) .....................NO (1)............................YES

German User Interface: .............................NO ...........................YES.................................YES

Space Demand Hard Disk (32/64 bit)..... 25.7 MB ..................100/120 MB .................100 MB

Recovery failed system & Migration

on different hardware..................................YES?.........................YES.................................YES (3)

Real-to-virtual and virtual-to-real

Computer Migration ....................................NO.............................NO..................................YES (3)

Free for private use.....................................YES...........................YES..................................NO: 50€

Boot-CD recognizes

newer LAN-Cards (4)................................. NO.............................NO................................. YES

Boot CD DHCP Auto-IP-Config

with older LAN-Cards .................................YES ..........................NO................................. YES

  1. For automatical cleaning up of old Backups created with Macrium Reflect or Paragon B6R 2011 Free
    you need additional the free application or my personal solution for this cleanup-task with a batch-file Del.Older.than.P2-Files.bat to keep a max. numer of e.g. the 5 newest backups.

  2. You cannot limit he maximum number of images or the maximum diskspace to store images

  3. Only with the Acrionis True Image Plus Pack

  4. Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Notebook (2011)

All 3 Applications have the features Volume Shadow copy Service (VSS), Backup with Compression, Windows 7 Backups. None of the 3 System-Backup-Apps has a Standard-Rescue-CD, which is able to recognize the WiFi-Network-Card from the new Lenovo X1 Notebook (2011).


The latest versions of Acronis True Image are terrible!

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As a long time user of Acronis, the latest versions became terrible. So terrible that I had no trust in it for my computer backups. In the search for a successor I stumbled on Macrium Reflect. It's a great software and so much easier than Acronis True Image. Definitely recommended! You will find it on


Free "TI" for Seagate / Maxtor hard drives without scheduler

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Acronis "True Image" for free for owners of a a Seagate / Maxtor hard drive

Owners of a a Seagate / Maxtor hard drive can download the excellent backup solution Acronis "True Image" for free. Seagate DiscWizard is a special version of "True Image", which includes the most important functions of for backups of complete hard disks, but not for backups of single files or folders and only working together with hard drives of the brands Seagate and Maxtor. I found this information on a german [1], download in german language from [1] or in many languages from [2]. The backup-images are very big single files, which you can mount. From the mounted image you can restore single files or folders.

Disadvantages of Acronis True Image / Seagate DiscWizard (ATI-SDW):

  • Biggest disadvantage: No time-scheduler for backups and no call of ATI-SDW per command-line, as it is possible with Macrium Reflect Free Edition. Because of this very important disadvantage this comment is negative and I think Macrium Reflect Free Edition is the best schedulable free System-Backup-Solution.
  • No automatic cleanup of old images, but because the images are single files, you can use my personal solution for this cleanup-task with my batch-file Del.Older.than.P2-Files.bat for the cleanup. The same method can be used with Macrium Reflect Free Edition. With this method you give the new backup in the folder "Drive:....\Backup-Folder\m0" (month 0). You always have the latest X=5 backups in the subfolders of "Drive:....\Backup-Folder" m0, m1, m2, m3, m4, m5. The name of "Drive:....\Backup-Folder" you can freely select as command-line parameter %1 and the drive as %2.




No free backup-app can automatically clean up old backups

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Until now I knew only Paragon Backup & Recovery 2011 free, Macrium Reflect Free Edition and the System Image Backup of "Windows 7". With all these 3 applications I missed a configurable cleaning up of old backups in order to prevent the overloading of the backup disk. Only the Windows 7 backup ( from these 3 applications) can clean up old backups, if the backup hard disk is full to approx. 35%. Unfortunately, this percent value is not adjustable, e.g. to 90%.
I was glad to see, that "Acronis True Image Home", Version 2011 can carry out the automatic deleting of old backup files very comfortably and freely configurable. You can specify a max. folder size or max number of backups. If the folder or max backup-number grows bigger, the oldest backups will be deleted automatically.
Acronis True Image Home 2011 has an automatic cleanup philosophy, where you can set a max. folder size for the backup-file, as you can read on page 60 of the User Guide [1]:

"Acronis True Image Home 2011" offers comfortable automatic cleanup rules:

  • Store no more than [n] recent versions (available for full method only) - Select this option to
    limit the maximum number of backup versions. When the number of versions exceeds the
    specified value, the oldest backup version will be automatically deleted.

  • Keep size of the backup no more than [defined size]

[1] .

The Ghost version 15 also is able to delete old backup files very comfortably and freely configurable.

The "Paragon Backup & Recovery 2011 free" similar as Macrium Reflect cannot cleanup old Backups automatically. You must use DelAge32 for this purpose, if you do not use a commercial backup solution.