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Acdsee for MAC not supported still being sold

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Acdsee PRO for the MAC OS, does not work on the latest version of the OS. Here is the post and the response I have gotten from Acdsee. This was posted in November 23, 2016. They are still selling the product, that does not work, the Beta that they referred to for version 4, is still not available. They suggested that they would have it out before Christmas, they did not make it. Here is the link for the site where you can buy the product that does not work. Note there is no disclaimer that it wont work with the current MAC OSX. http://www.acdsee.com/en/products/acdsee-pro-3-mac
I have been very patient waiting for this new version (Of note: Mac OS 10.12.1 Sierra, was released September 20,2016. As a software developer, they should have had it in their hands to verify that it worked before then). We are now in 2017, and it is still not supported. By not supported, what I really mean is it does not work. Not even to just view the pictures you have on your Mac.

Any idea when Acdsee will work on a Mac? I have Acdsee MAC Pro 3.7.201 and Mac OS 10.12.1 Sierra. This doesn't work and the answer from support was ... NOT SUPPORTED. Yet, they are still selling this software. $29.95 with no disclaimer that it doesn't yet work with the latest software. I have been a customer since the '80's. Started out with PC's and moved to Mac about 10 years ago. I upgraded my OS about 2 months ago, shortly after that noticed that Acdsee was not working, called support and they said that I should sign up for the Beta for Acdsee Mac Pro 4.0, of course that is not yet available.