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The best markdown editor I've used so far, I really appreciate the one view to edit & see result at the same time, I can't use those double pane editors.

Great job brrd !


Big problem

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This application looks nice, however it misses any Linux packaging and provides one big all-in-one download which includes a lot of static libraries like a proprietary application. This is sure not the way to properly package a program.


I'm deeply convinced that this is the way to properly package programs in 2017.
The cost in space is not relevant anymore today. For any developer, it's safer to know which dependancies and which libraries are meant to work with their program, instead of crossing fingers and hoping that the library the final user have is compatible enough with the program. Storage is not an issue and one can afford to have each program having its static libraries. This model of packaging adds simplicity, safeness and atomicity to the application. That's the model of common application on macOS, and more or less what Windows tries to do in itself. Linux is following with the AppImage initiative. There's even lots of Java programs embedding their own JVM to ensure full compatibility with any system (whether the JVM is already installed or not, whether it's up to date, etc.)