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Before using Abivin vRoute, I had to manually draw up a delivery plan for a fleet of 5 trucks and 10 motorbikes. There were days when the number of order reaches 200 or more. It was so time-consuming. So what I like about this product are:
– Ease of use: It made my job so much easier. Seriously, I just clicked 1 button and the route comes up in about 2 mins.
– Great support: The server failed 2 or 3 times in the last couple of months, and I have to call the support team from Abivin. They handled the situation very well and fixed the issue quickly.
– Motorbike-supporting: This is one of the reasons why I chose vRoute. Not many software in the market supports motorbike.

After using Abivin vRoute for a while, these are the benefits I recognized:
– Higher productivity, since route planning is extremely fast, and reports are auto-generated
– Cost is cut down about 20%
– Vehicle-visibility

I would highly recommend vRoute for any delivery/logistics manager out there!