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The keyboard shortcuts actually make sense (coughscreencoughtmux)--conventional unix-y keys are even used when possible (e.g. / for text searching). The whole thing (even when used in conjunction with dvtm) is pleasantly minimalistic--you can pretty much master it in a few days.

The tag system in particular is nice--you have five 'views' (pane groups), and one window can be tagged to appear in multiple views. It's a bit hard to wrap your head around at first, but it's pretty sweet.

One minor thing: the default command prefix is ctrl-g, which is weird. I think the idea is to use your right hand to hold ctrl and the left to tap g, but that doesn't work in virtualbox--you may want to make a script command to change that, something like:

abduco -c $1 dvtm-status -m ^a

(this also shows off how an arbitrary command can be run on startup).

Edit: this review is kind of also for dvtm, since they work together so well.