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7 Speed Reading 2015 – The Review

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Can you become a reading Pro with 7-Speed-Reading 2015?
by Mark Ways of http://www.speedreadinglounge.com/

Reading belongs to our daily lives and whether for work or pleasure, it is also quite important for us to learn how to read books, study material or articles in a quick and efficient way. This skill and expertise should allow us to process sentences and their meanings faster but of course retain those information as well.

7-Speed-Reading (visit website) aims to improve people in this vital area in the long run. This software is known to use a variety of interactive medium to convey skills to you and to open up a lot of avenues to you. We review the program in this post and show features, Pros and Cons.

Overview & goals

Most people purchasing reading improvement software generally look for educational progress in two main areas. These are reading with added speed and then also understanding what has been read.

These skills hardly come naturally to anyone which is why this product is especially designed for people who need to read a lot or analyze information for work. One of the program’s central goals is to make sure you will master both the skills that previously eluded your understanding for years.

The 7-Speed-Reading Software targets the development of the following skills:

The speed at which you read, ideally to triple it.
The comprehension level you are operating at.
Addressing and tackling all common bad reading habits.

How Does 7-Speed-Reading Work?

eReflect, the developers behind this tutor, have added a bunch of new features and changes to their latest annual edition. The most important change has been moving the whole course into the cloud. The biggest advantage is that the program is now platform, browser and system independent. You can also synchronize your most recent results, last seen videos or completed exercises with any other PC, Mac, Chrome or Linux system you have it installed on. On the other side, you need to make sure to have a working internet connection to be able to run your exercises.

  1. Training Activities:

The number 7 relates to the seven different learning strategies the course is built-up on. According to eReflect you also should be fine with 7 minutes of training each day for about 15 days to start seeing results. Latter one is of course a clever marketing approach, however, my advice is to practice as much as you can in the first 4 weeks and then have a training schedule running to advance specific skills.

The program backs on a step-by-step video course that will walk you through all modules and activities. There are a total of 6 courses. Once a topic has been finished you can practice your skill. There are around 15 activities to choose from. The speed with which you do this is key. You can increase the time of fixation and you can also learn how to use your eyes for longer when reading. Reading inwardly is also a skill that these activities help with.

A problem that most poor readers face is that they tend to read the same content or extract again and again which naturally slows them down and also leads to a lack of confidence in their comprehension skills in the future. 7-Speed-Reading has activities that will prevent this kind of repetition.

  1. Comprehension Tests

You will be met with these tests after each stage and they are necessary if you want to proceed to the next designated level. Practice is definitely the key to getting the hang of them.

The main purpose of these tests is to keep track of what you are doing and how well you are coping with the program. The tests can also be helpful to identify your weak points or the skills which still require more work and practice. Remember that you will only be able to go the next stage if you clear the previous one through a test.

Features of 7-Speed-Reading 2015

Video tutorials: Each section and level starts with a professional video to teach the basics and explain the effect of specific exercises. Lean back and watch as these tutorials are very educational and easy to understand.

Bad reading habits: Sub-vocalization, which is saying the words in your head as you read, is one of the most annoying habits we face when trying to increase our speed. The program offers various exercises to tackle them all as you also need to deal with regression, slow information processing or reading words separately rather than in groups.This way you also learn to expand your eye fixations, recognize chunks of words, train your eye muscles or stop going back in text repeatedly.

Learn in groups: New in 2015 is the ability to set up one goal and learn in a group to achieve it. Whether with friends, family, student or work mates – you can sit together, share advice and when practicing and exercising you can swap results and success points with them on Facebook. It’s certainly social, though Twitter or Google Plus have not been implemented yet.

User accounts: Up to 5 users can have their own account to chart their progress, which is a downgrade to former versions that offered unlimited user accounts. This might be due to its cloud existence and to control server capacities. However, sharing still works and you can run it on as many systems as you want. Another reason might be the introduction of an EDU version for schools, for which multiple accounts make more sense.

Setting goals: 7-Speed-Reading allows you to understand your own potential and to set goals accordingly. You can set how many words you want to read during a period of time and you can work your way from there. This also allows you to keep records of how well you have been doing and in what ways you may need to revamp your personal expectations.

Modern Interface: One of the massive selling points of software like this is the fact that it is superbly user-friendly and it also uses tools that we would in some form be already familiar with. This product in particular is designed keeping in mind the interface of the Windows operating system which is an interface that most of us are already familiar with. This software also comes with a number of educational tutorials which will further enhance your ability to use this product properly to your advantage.

Monitoring:The more you use the software the more detailed data you will get to monitor and track your progress. Each session will record valuable data such as type of exercise, speed, time or comprehension levels and will customize the program to your current needs. An activity and effective speed monitor will visualize all these data in graphs, diagrams or charts.

Course features at a glance:

Step-by-step modules
6 courses
7 strategies
Video tutorials
Import books and documents
Create your own lessons
600 eBooks included
Group learning
Share reading material with other users
Share results on Facebook
Eye exercises, ergonomics
Comprehension tests
Automatically calculates the grade
Cloud storage, synchronize data between all your computers
5 user accounts, unlimited system installs
Platform independent
Telephone and email Support
Pros and cons


Proper Lessons: the modules are scientifically designed and specific to the reading skills most users wish to develop.
Comprehensive: the software covers all topic, skills and features to learn to read faster.
Reading material: Use your own material, practice with e-books, share texts with co-learners.
Games and exercises: They can be fun and or straight to the point.

Offline availability: Moving to cloud offers great benefits, but on the other side limits offline use. To be able to use all feature you need to have a working internet connection.
Mobile devices: Online learning is a huge trend and mobile devices play an important role here. Availability for tablets and smartphones would be nice in the long-run.
7-Speed-Reading review: Conclusion

7-Speed-Reading 2015 can be recommended (visit website) as it is a comprehensive and versatile tutor targeting students and professionals with different learning preferences. The goal however is still the same: to improve and increase speed and comprehension. Most of the time I try to tackle sub-vocalization and practice eye expansions.

Being clever with marketing, eReflect promises you only have to practice for 7 minutes a day over a period of two weeks. I found this quite interesting, as you certainly will see improvements after that time, but it also depends on the goals you have set for yourself. Regular training is always the key and the more you exercise the faster you will be. Additionally, don’t rely on software alone, increase your vocabulary too as it helps to understand meaning faster.

Customer service is working very well and you can choose between telephone and email support. There is also a FAQ section for the most popular questions. They also have a fair refund policy in case you are truly not satisfied.

How does it compare to other programs? The 2015 version is fully cloud based and allows social interaction with other learning groups. This is a unique selling point. If you prefer a platform independent tutor then this course has it all. AceReader on the other side still does offer unlimited user accounts and extended offline access, and would be ideal for larger families. However, eReflect provides a specifically designed EDU version for schools and universities. Iris Reading again is a course module system allowing to learn online via video teaching classes, but is also more expensive than software based solutions.



I'd taken one other course before and liked the pace and setup of this one better-felt like it gave me ample time to keep up if I had trouble in one part. And the pricing was decent. Told my wife about it and now she wants to take it as well. good stuff here.

I also go on amazon, speedreadinfo.com, good reads, and Scribd to get the best book recommendations for upcoming bestsellers.

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Speed-reading software should teach you how to increase your reading comprehension as well as your reading speed. 7 Speed Reading is a top-notch training program that superbly meets both of these objectives, providing an effective combination of exercises and testing to help you improve both of these reading skills. The software wins our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award for its comprehensive yet intuitive and accessible approach to speed-reading. No matter what your current reading level, 7 Speed Reading can help you become a faster and better reader.

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